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Duck cracklings with duck fat and toast1890.-
Caesar salad with chicken breast2490.-
Салат цезаря с лососем2590.-
Eggplant cream1590.-


Calamari Caribbean style1690.-
French fries plate with dippings1890.-
Sailor’s plate
Beefsteak tartare, duck craklings, salmon tartare, sausages, salami, cheese, vegetables
for two persons 3590.-
for four persons 6590.-


Hungarian catfish soup in a cup
served in a bowl 1990.-
served in a metal bowl 2990.-
Goulash soup in a cup
served in a bowl 1890.-
served in a metal bowl 2790.-
Sea fish soup with crab - served in a cup1990.-
Turkey ragout soup with tarragon - served in a cup1390.-
Cold fruit soup1290.-
with seasonal fruit